What to shoes wear to a dinner party? Art show? Movie?

            B.Alfred has been revolutionary with their style from the day the brand was launched, back in 1988 when the original company started. Although this shows throughout all B.Alfred’s collections, our shoe collection is the one we’re most excited about. This shoe collection, handmade in Europe, is made with high-quality Italian leather. The B.Alfred shoe collection is flawless in its diversity. Our shoes come in all shapes and sizes with a luxury air to them.

When it comes to men’s dress shoes, the Oxford is considered the best of the best. This elegant style of footwear has been lending a sophisticated touch to outfits for centuries, continuing to do so to this day. Perfect for looks ranging from the most formal to business casual, B.Alfred oxfords are as versatile as they are timeless. They are an essential staple for all gentlemen, no matter their style. Closed lacing is what essentially defines oxford shoes and the B.Alfred ones are no different. You can wear B.Alfred oxfords to a variety of professional and fancy events. Dinner parties and art shows are great places to wear these shoes.

You can also wear them to parties at your job to show your boss that you take your work seriously, but you can also show respect. The color of B.Alfred shoes has some significance as well. For example, brown oxfords are the perfect option to pair with a grey, dark brown, or navy suit. This can not only be great for work but great for work-related events. You’ll visually stand out with brown B.Alfred oxfords more than black. Black oxford shoes give an air to mystery so they’re perfect for romantic dates and get-togethers.

The B.Alfred derby shoes have an open lacing system, unlike the oxfords. However, they still hold an atmosphere of a gentleman. Derby shoes aren’t so much a type of shoe as they are a special cut of shoe. The derby has been considered a purely casual shoe. Today, however, depending on the various types of style that are added to the derby such as the B.Alfred luxury style, you can wear them for business casual situations as well as movie theaters. Derbies also work very well with elegant suites for work. For example, if you were to wear any of the brown B.Alfred shades along with a well-matched suit, it would be quite appropriate for business meetings. They also pair nicely with corduroys and light clothing in general. B.Alfred derby shoes even go well perfectly with jeans, giving you a fancy look regardless.

            B.Alfred boots can also give you a fancy and sophisticated look during those heavy winter months where you may shuffle through the snow. They can also be worn during the autumn season, especially during the windy days. They can be combined with a lot of outfits from casual jeans and a sweater to a suit. B.Alfred boots are great to go to a bar with friends and job lunches. They’re great to catch up with friends visiting from far places at a café or a nice restaurant.



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