Style tips for Gentlemen: How to wear leather belts with your favorite outfits

The B.Alfred shoe collection is a collection that’s filled with luxury and high class yet it’s relevant and relatable as well as affordable. From Oxfords to boots, this collection can go great not only suits, casual wear, and fancy wear, but also the B.Alfred belt collection. Wearing belts can be a challenge especially when it comes to men’s fashion. Sometimes, you meet a number of well-dressed men in a classy suit, dress shirt, fancy shoes but a casual belt around the waist. On the other hand, you see casually dressed men wearing denim shorts, a t-shirt, a pair of sneakers but a slim fancy leather belt. Wearing proper belts with your overall wardrobe including shoes can be tricky but B.Alfred’s collections make it easy since they use earth and neutral colors.

There are ways to match B.Alfred shoes with belts that could enhance your wardrobe. B.Alfred oxfords, for example, are known for their versatile nature and timeless style. Along with the Toscana Leather Belt, a professional outfit like a grey suit is an essential style any gentlemen. In addition, it is recommended that every gentleman should invest in at least two good quality dressy leather belts, one business casual belt (like the Veneto Embossed Leather belt) and one classy belt (such as the Toscana Leather belt).  These types of belts can also be worn with dress pants, chinos, and dark denim jeans. For a corporate look or other formal looks, you could stick to the classic style in terms of buckles such as a simple silver square framed buckle like a Lazio belt.

B.Alfred’s belts are easy to match with our shoes primarily because of the black and brown color scheme. These neutral tones can give the belts the ability to match easily with a variety of outfits, especially shoes. Black derby shoes would match with a brown Lombardia Leather belt. It also helps that the finishing touch of your belt matches with that of your shoe. For example, if you’re wearing B.Alfred boots that have a wet kind of look then you should match it with a belt like a Trentino that has a similar wet look. You can also match the metal part of a pair of a B.Alfred Trentino belt buckle with blazer buttons, tie bars, a watch, or cufflinks.

B.Alfred belts can also be casual. After all, the skinnier the belt, the more formal it is. The thicker and wider the belt, the more casual it is. So when wearing B.Alfred casual footwear like loafers, a belt from our collection like a Liguria Embossed belt can either match or complement your shoes. It’s important to keep in mind to avoid wearing a belt that is shorter than your waist or more than two sizes bigger than your waist. The appropriate belt length is such that it should go under the first belt loop after the buckle and should go under the second belt loop. In other words, if your waist measurement is 36, then you should buy a size 38 belt.



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