New Footwear Collection

B.Alfred is excited to announce that we’ll be launching our luxury shoe collection in the next few weeks. Our footwear collection will be joining our classic and modern belt collections that you can already add to your wardrobe. We’re very excited to introduce to our beautiful collection that can add class to your closet. B.Alfred’s shoes are joining our collection of Italian leather belts and are made with the same flawless materials. Our shoes are also made in Europe and our creators work mercilessly to craft them using only the top-quality materials.

classic Italian leather oxfords

B.Alfred’s shoes is a revolution in terms of sizing and fit due to the thought put behind. The shapeof these shoes includes a slimming side and a subtle heal cut that flatters the shape of your foot. Each shoe is carefully picked and well designed. Overall, these shoes are proudly bold in style but are also comfortable in terms of walking and standing for long periods of time. B.Alfred’s shoes are lightweight and will take you where you need to go without irritation to the feet. The ideology of these shoes come from a whole range of technology and innovative ideas from a team of passionate creators. What’s most important about these luxury shoes is that they are comfortable and can be worn for activities ranging from going to work to dog walking to going to a dinner party.

The B.Alfred’s shoes are truly versatile and full of class. These original shoes provide the perfect canvas to express your unique style no matter what your profession whether it’s in art, finance, or medical. Handsome and comfortable, these shoes are a true wardrobe essential. The definition of Italian luxury, B.Alfred prides itself in a seamless blend of high-quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and a timeless design vision. For example, these patent leather loafers feature a slip-on style and a round toe.

The B.Alfred shoes are one of fashion’s no-brainers. Another pair of these shoes feature reliable leather lace-ups you can turn to whenever you need to look smart, intellectual, and professional. Nothing else honestly comes close. The definition of a smart shoe, B.Alfred takes you from school to work, stopping off at every conceivable formal occasion and event along the way. They have a kind of style that shouldn’t be taken for granted and now is the time for them to gain appreciation.

Although these shoes are high quality and are of luxury, they are not exclusive. These shoes are very much inclusive, and we encourage any kind of customer to purchase these shoes. We invite all people to not only purchase products from our shoe collection but products from our other luxury collections as well. B.Alfred shoes provide a classy atmosphere wherever you are. These shoes have a certain European class to them and give you a fancy look if you’re going to a fancy event or even a casual look if you’re going to a more casual occasion. These shoes can easily match with any kind of outfit for most occasions.


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